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Sunday, September 7, 2014

"I also like the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, taking walks to stay in shape, movies, medium salted popcorn with or without butter sometimes, libraries, studying, science fiction, adventure, agriculture, survivalist methods, country, city, outdoors,...

...hiking, pop culture conventions, cooking, gadgets, invention, technologies, electronics, music, concerts, firearms, hunting, marksmanship, boating, archery, random traveling, fishing freshwater lakeside, rivers, and/or ocean charter, some sports, some festivals, maybe some adrenaline feats, random road-trips, random weekends in big cities, nice clean beaches with no kids, trying new liquors & beers, prayer in schools, pioneer days, pioneer villages, solving ever-changing statecraft challenges using policies & democracy, and low taxes."

Monday, September 1, 2014

I stayed home over the Labor Day weekend & saved what I think is probably 40.00 USD each night from Friday, Saturday, & Sunday by not going to any pubs and/or buying pricey drinks for myself or anyone else.

And of course that adds up to $120.00.

And that will pay for about sixty days worth of coffee if the price of a cup is close to, at, or less than two dollars.

What would you rather have?  Three nights of booze or about two months worth of coffee?